Based in Manchester.
Better than Oasis.

It's called DIY punk. That's why our website is DIY too.

Wadeye are an anarchist punk band who always have a ska bit in our songs. Good ska bits. Hardcore Ska. Skacore. Fast as fuck but still catchy. Angry but dancy. That sort of vibe. People compare us to rubbish bands like Leftover Crack and Capdown and stuff but my personal favourite was being compared to the first Flatliners album.

If you like punk but think punk is a subgenre of Indie and we're going to sound like the libertines you're going to be severely disappointed. Also if you think punk is a subgenre of Melodic Hardcore/Thrash and we're going to sound something like Propaghandi meets A Wilhelm Scream. But at least in the latter case you could always check out pretty much any other modern punk band that's currently active.

Wadeye pride ourselves on being really entertaining live and playing fast enough that you don't notice how often we mess up. We'll play most places for free drinks and a place to stay. This isn't the golden era of punk anymore and beggars can't be choosers. If this was the late 90s we'd 100% be on a major label selling out to fuck and tearing up the main stage at Reading for £10,000 but its not, its 2024 and we'd be happy to blag on at Boomtown for a free wrist band.

We're also the UK's premier Something Somethings tribute act. We do it all with their blessing (after bullying them into letting us).

Book us via email or facebook

We do reply, we're just really disorganised and we're anarchists so nobody ever takes charge of anything. Still never cancelled a gig. Still providing backline for half of Manchester's punk scene.

Pumpkin Records help us with our UK/Euro distribution (and just DIY band life in general!). No Time are also clearly getting mega-rich off the back of us in the US. We don't even mind though cause they're both lovely labels run by lovely people.

Oh yeah you'll need the email won't you.


wadeyeuk@gmail.com or if you actually expect us to get back to you quicker: facebook.com/wadeyeuk. I know I know, you anarchist types who book us aren't down with facebook because it's an evil corporation that spies on its users. That's why we're more than happy for you to use gmail to contact us on our gmail account instead. #equalopportunities